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Spray on bedliners


SPEEDLINER® 1000 owners enjoy having a protective coating that provides years and years of maximum performance, even under the toughest conditions. It all starts with a professional installation.

Here are the steps we take to ensure your liner provides maximum protection!

Step 1
The entire vehicle is protectively masked off.


Step 2
Then the painted surface of the truck bed floor, walls and tailgate are sanded to increase adhesion.


Step 3
A special chemical product is used to further strip away any grease, wax or gloss that might remain.


Step 4

An adhesion promoter (primer) is applied. This further ensures that the surface will now be ready to permanently bond with the SPEEDLINER® material.


Step 5
Layer-by-layer the toughness of SPEEDLINER® becomes a permanent
addition to the vehicle.

The spray process is followed by a cure period, which allows SPEEDLINER®'s special chemistry to fully bond. This process works just like an epoxy material, becoming stronger and stronger as the curing occurs.


Step 6

The final step in the SPEEDLINER® job is the removal of masking materials.

That's it! This truck looks great with its new SPEEDLINER® protective coating in place, and so will yours!


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